Sky People Tattoo


Sky People Tattoo, Downtown Asheville NC

Sky People Tattoo is a vibrant, client-friendly tattoo studio located in the heart of historic downtown Asheville. Our shop offers the highest quality tattoo artistry in a clean, comfortable, private setting
and is committed to the customer's most desirable experience.
Our artists are available for large custom pieces as well as for walk ins, and provide artistic guidance for the best results. Sky People's spacious facility includes an elegant salon-style boutique with locally made apparel, jewelry, art, and other unusual treasures.

Please visit us today, or submit an inquiry to get us started on your very own unique piece!


Our Tattoo Artists


Kitty LOve

The lead artist in our studio is multiple Best of Mountain Xpress winner Kitty Love who has been in the area for over 20 years. Miss Love has worked in and owned multiple studios over the years, and was Asheville's first female tattooist. She also facilitates tattoo ceremonies in a private off-site setting and is willing to share knowledge of this practice to interested parties.

blk n gry a1.jpg


Auggie grew up in the metro area of Atlanta, Georgia.  He began tattooing at 15 years old. He eventually took on a full time apprenticeship and has been tattooing for over 20 years. Traveling through South America he had the opportunity to study many styles of tattoo in various cultures. He moved to Asheville in 2012 in search of a unique place where he could express himself. His styles include portraits, black and grey tattoo,  rejuvenation and cover-ups. He is fluent in Spanish and ASL friendly.


Rebecca Rouse

Rebecca is self taught, her introduction to tattooing started in 2010 when a young man requested a complete a body suit reflecting the psychedelic and bold use of color and patterns she exudes in her oil paintings. In her process she utilizes the deep connection between fine art and skin art to create a personal experience that flatters the body and can strengthen the soul. Her style varies from visual storytelling and illustrative to realism.


doug coulter

Doug is a tattooist, multi-media artist and professional florist. He began his tattoo career in Northern Illinois over 15 years ago. Being both self taught and gaining traditional training  Doug has a multifaceted style. He believes 'art knows no bounds'  and creates poignant pieces on his clients. His style is personified by a fluid depiction of nature.