About me

Kitty Love


I began my tattoo career in 1991, as part of a wave of art school grads and other enthusiasts who embraced this intriguing and very social art form as it experienced its renaissance at the turn of the Millennium. My practice was shaped by the 90’s body-modification scene, and I adopted with a strong bent toward personal process, weaving in a spirit-infused perspective. At the time, the body modification scene was based primarily in San Francisco, and its adherents researched and explored the transformational power of body art. Almost three decades later, tattooing holds a unique cultural position and role in contemporary identity. Concurrently, I trained in a variety of shamanic and earth based magical practices, and various energy healing techniques. In the early 2000’s, I formalized my commitment as a shamanic tattooer, became initiated into the lineage of sacred tattoo practitioners, and have continued over the years to renew my vows and commitment to the practice. I am trained in Reiki, Soul Focused Healing, Ecstatic Body Posture, Dianic Wicca, Body Balancing, Taoist energy work practices, and the Elements of Ritual.