Initial consultation by phone or email is offered to you at no charge. We explore the breadth of possibility that is opened by your intention. To prepare for a consultation, it is helpful to have gathered any relevant visual resources. We will explore the meaning of your intention, and its impact on your life. Your Intention is the sacred purpose of your tattoo, and as such may make a memory sacred, support a rite of passage, enhance a celebration, recognize transitions successfully navigated, or empower a future endeavor. It is helpful to have written about your intention, your story, and why you are choosing to sanctify it in this way.  

We also discuss important logistics like time, travel, and cost. You will share with me the design concepts you have been considering. If we choose to move forward, design is the next step. 





The Design process is divinatory, and allows us to craft a unique synthesis of visual language, content, communication, and expression, while providing the optimal arena for the perfection of the intention. It is usually during the design process that we may discover any impediments to the intention, and begin to design the ceremony to assist you through. For this reason, it’s important to have developed the intention as fully as possible at this stage, though it may still evolve. 

You may provide any resources and research that help me understand the nature of your artistic desires, and what you wish to express conceptually. We will discuss scale, and placement, The Design is the expression and identity of the Intention. The visual language includes shape, hue, subject matter and more, and provides the medium for your expression. From there, I get in touch with the energies flowing through the process, and interpret these through a customized Design. 



Scheduling in flow


It is vitality important that our energies be optimally aligned for the most impactful outcome. This means that we want to find the right time to do the tattoo ceremony. It also means that if scheduling difficulties arise, they will be treated as divine wisdom, challenging us to dig more deeply into design or intention. I will reschedule if the energy is not flowing around a particular date and time, while staying in integrity with our investment of time and finances.



Healing and Support

The over-arching goal of the Sacred Tattoo practice in essence is healing. In some cases, the client’s process calls for unique, stand-alone healing sessions with myself or other spiritual practitioners, prior to the tattoo. These sessions may include forms such as shamanic journey, massage, Reiki, and other kinds of healing and energy work. If you feel called to engage with this type of supportive session as part of your sacred Tattoo journey you may work directly with me, or I can offer a referral from me to my network of skilled, experienced energy work practitioners.



Soul Focused Healing

I practice Soul Focused Healing as my prime modality of energy work. This modality clears blockages within the network of energies in the body. Additionally, I may offer a process of personal exercises and rituals for you to explore on your own, with my support. This series is designed to illuminate and work through any issues that may be presenting blockages barriers to your own healing. If you are interested in Soul Focused healing I can answer questions and help you explore how this work may unfold for you during your Consultation. These and other aspects of the spirit focused component are explored during the consultation process.



The Tattoo Ceremony Structure

The structure of the Tattoo Ceremony varies depending upon your Intention and your own experiences and desires, but generally is comprised of the creation of a sacred and safe spiritual container, the invitation of harmonious energies, the statement and magnification of your Intention, and the application of the tattoo. We will conduct the ceremony in a soothing, luxurious, and private location.The environment is aesthetically pleasing and conducive to relaxation. My primary modality for the creation and utilization of sacred space is informed by my experiences in Women’s Mysteries, modern Wicca, as well as Reiki and Shamanic Journey. Supportive friends are welcome!





Fees can be discussed during the consultation, and are usually comprised of the cost of the tattoo, and any energy work as well as the ceremony. Tattoo fees are based on a $200 per hour rate. Generally, I am able to structure the experience to fit a variety of budgets.