Sacred Tattoo Experience

As long ago as the ancient Egyptian temples of Hathor, humans engaged in tattooing as a ceremonial rite. While in current practice it is common that tattoos act as simple adornment, the power of tattoo is strong as ever, though its potential for personal transformation is often unrealized. All that is needed to unlock this ancient power is sacred intention, the right environment, and the conscious focus of both artist and client.

As a rite of personal transformation, tattoo as a sacred act is powerful medicine for

  • Grief and loss

  • Survivors of medical and health trauma

  • Transforming scars and the associated trauma

  • Celebrating important life passages

  • Claiming and Reclaiming personal identity

  • Connection to divine power

My capacity to support you in this discovery has developed over three decades, during which I have worked with thousands of people. Many I have worked with daily come to the process with an important personal intention, such as memorializing a lost loved one or celebrating an achievement. Still, most are surprised by the immense energy the tattoo offers up, and wish they had given more focus to its development. The Sacred Tattoo process offers the opportunity for you to generate your own personalized Talisman of power.

The Sacred Tattoo process is unique, in that we begin with an Intention of your choice, empowered by conscious attention and focus. I will support you as you become clear on your Intention. Your Intention informs the tattoo design as well as the structure of the Sacred Tattoo Ceremony. Your Intention is the sacred purpose of your tattoo, and as such may sacralize a memory, support a rite of passage, enhance a celebration, recognize transitions successfully navigated, or empower a future endeavor.

The energy of the tattoo experience builds through exploration of your individualized Design. The Design process explores imagery that supports the stated intention most effectively. Together we develop the Design, which is a divinatory process that tells us more about the role of the Intention in your life. The process opens hidden keys to obstacles, and discovers available energy and power. Throughout the design process, correspondences which inform the ritual or ceremonial structure also emerge. Additionally, it may be found that healing opportunities present themselves. You may choose to explore these opportunities with me, with healers in my network, and with your own support group.

The Sacred Tattoo Ceremony is charged with the energy built through the process of preparation, imbued with your chosen intention, ensuring the effectiveness of your Tattoo as a talisman of personal empowerment. Mood, aesthetics, and setting all play a part, as can the invitation of helpful energies and guides, the presence of friends and loved ones, drumming and other sound features, altars, and the inclusion of energy work and prayer to fill the piece with loving intent. In this magical atmosphere, the door to the empowered state is opened further by the awakening of the Tattoo itself, through statements of recognition, aligned to its purpose in your life.

The Sacred Tattoo Ceremony’s power to assist you exists irrespective of any particular spiritual or religious practice, and at the same time is connected to divine transformative power. Making your tattoo a sacred experience is entirely personalized to your sense of sacredness.