Tattoo Portfolios

Our Asheville locals are available to book your tattoo appointment with Sky People Tattoo.


Kitty Love

The lead artist in our studio is multiple "Best of Mountain Xpress" winner Kitty Love who has been in the area for over 20 years. Miss Love has worked in and owned multiple studios over the years, and was Asheville's first female tattooist. She also facilitates tattoo ceremonies in a private off-site setting and is willing to share knowledge of this practice to interested parties.


Mark smith

Mark has been tattooing for fourteen years. He is comfortable working in varying styles and techniques. 

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Shannon Schober.jpg

Shannon Schober

As of 2018, I can happily say I have been involved in a love affair with professional tattooing for 27 years. Soon after receiving my first tattoo at Peter Tat2 from Gypsy Jill, I began tattooing at the tender age of 18. Since then I have tattooed thousands of people in tattoo shops and at conventions across the United States. I have owned and operated two tattoo studios for a total of 14 years, owned a tattoo supply business, built and continue to build tattoo machines from traditional frames and coils, handcrafted by Ernie Carafa, who continues the tradition of machine building he learned from from WNC’s own legend, Paul Rogers. Painting flash, photography, oil painting, metal work and many other disciplines I enjoy influence my tattooing to create a style that is rich in diversity and depth. When not pursuing this style, it is my aim to work in whichever style that the client dictates. Equal to the creative aspect I consider myself fortunate to get to know people of all ages, from all walks of life and develop relationships through tattooing that last decades. Far larger than the individual, and as varied as the people who practice it, tattooing is a very integral part of the American experience for me. Come on down and let’s explore it together!